Originally from Lyon, I fell in love with the region of Colmar during my childhood as I was regularly visiting my grandparents.

I have a lot of memories of nice trips with unique sceneries and delicious Alsatian meals prepared by my grandmother. That is why I decided to move here when I was 25.

Since, I have had the opportunity to discover amazing places, villages or landscapes which I love to show and share with my family and friends. I also met a large number of local producers in the culinary and hospitality fields, and wine makers who became our partners.

I would like to share with you my passion for the Alsace region, make sure you enjoy my favourite places and taste local terroir products that will leave you with a unique and unforgettable memory.


Native Alsatian and in my heart, specifically from the Munster valley, I travelled a lot around the world and encountered diverse cultures. With my backpack, I went on several road trips (Sri Lanka, Morocco, Thailand, New Caledonia, Madagascar, Mayotte, Reunion Island) which enabled me to discover unique and stunning sceneries, and completely different customs.

I realised that local gourmet specialties are an essential part of my different travel memories, such as the famous and unbeatable Moroccan tajin, exotic rougails from Reunion Island and perfectly spiced meals from Sri Lanka.

Today I have the opportunity to use and share my travelling experience and passion for the Alsace region with you.

I would like you to discover our beautiful region in a memorable way like I know it: authentic, gourmet and friendly.